9th Annual Miss Mary’s Ice Cream Crankin’

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The 9th Annual Miss Mary’s Ice Cream Crankin’, held August 25, 2013 in Roswell, GA, is the premier event for ice cream lovers and families. The event is a fund raiser for the Drake House. The Drake House offers a 90-day emergency residential housing program with a goal toward independent housing.

Published in Appen Media 29-Aug-2013.

Story by Jonathan Copsey,  Appen Media.

ROSWELL, Ga. – For the ninth year in a row, the Drake House pulled off their annual Miss Mary’s Ice Cream Crankin’ event Aug. 25.

Dozens of volunteers set up booths and served homemade ice cream in all kinds of flavors – from the traditional to the creative and everything in between. Pecan flavor, green tea, cookies and cream, nutty monkey and dozens of other flavors were served up. In total, organizers said more than 120 flavors were served.

Jayden, left, and Zachary tied for the ice cream stacking contest.

The event happened on one of the nicest days of the summer, which helped draw the crowds to the Roswell Square.

Contests to determine the best boy and girl at eating ice cream the fastest and the best at balancing an ice cream cone saw 30 gallons of ice cream destroyed in a matter of minutes by excited children.

The event supports the Drake House, a Roswell nonprofit that provides emergency housing and life training for homeless women and their children. The Ice Cream Crankin’ is one of the group’s largest fundraisers.

For more on the Drake House, visit them online at www.thedrakehouse.org.


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